Quarantine Kick Out

Created by Claudia Azurmendi

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 3:38

Safer At Home

Created by Lish Bliss

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 4:55

The Designer

Created by Pete Capella

Genre: Musical

Runtime: 4:05

Back to the Chlo Chlo

Created by Lane Cheek

Genre: Time Travel

Runtime: 1:47

Open House... Closed Case!

Created by Ely Henry

Genre: Film Noir

Runtime: 5:03


Created by Esther Hornstein

Genre: Sci-Fi

Runtime: 4:59

Pan Delivered

Created by Catharine E. Jones

Genre: Silent Film

Runtime: 4:38

The Big Day

Created by Alex Knight

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 5:01

The Leftover Games

Created by Selena Lane

Genre: Action/Adventure

Runtime: 3:56

A Very Merry Quarantine

Created by Marisa Luz

Genre: Holiday

Runtime: 4:53

Home Alone

Created by Jeff Poole

Genre: Sci-Fi

Runtime: 4:50

The Collaborator

Created by Lauren Poole

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 4:59

First Blood

Created by Abby Roberg

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 3:02

The Quiet Voices

Created by Ashley Sutton

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 5:02

Taste of Death

Created by Dominic Garcia

Genre: Time Travel

Runtime: 5:03

Family Recipe

Created by Zach Dulin

Genre: Mystery

Runtime: 7:03. **Over allotted time

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